What is a Craft ROBO Silhouette?


The Craft ROBO Silhouette is a wonderful little machine. It’s an A4 digital cutting machine which when connected to your PC can cut any True Type font on your computer. If you purchase a pen holder for your machine, it can even draw and write for you.

It now comes with a new piece of software called Silhouette Studio, which is an amazing piece of software to enable you to design and cut many different things. It will cut Vinyl, acetate, paper and card. It will also perforate, making the scoring of your cards/designs really easy. The Studio Software will work on both a PC and a Mac.

It sits approximately 16” long by 7” Deep x 4.5” high, so taking up very little space. You do need space in front and behind the machine for your carrier sheet and card to go back and forth during cutting.

There are 2 different models to choose from:

The Craft ROBO Silhouette – this machine has the optical eye and can do print and cut. If you have any decoupage jpeg images on your PC you can insert them into Silhouette Studio and either Auto trace or manually trace each section you want cutting and once you have the registration marks set you can get your Robo to cut it out for you. It will cut up to approximately 220gms smooth card.

The Craft ROBO Lite – this machine does not have the optical eye, but will still cut and draw the same as the Craft ROBO Silhouette.

Both machines come with the added benefit of using SD cards (read only) which can be purchased with lots of designs on them and can be used without a PC.

I hope this explains what the Craft ROBO Silhouette can do.