A bit about templates
If you have never heard of using Templates within your crafting, then the following will explain all about them and how they can enhance your hobby and creativity. The 3D templates in particular make a truly eye-catching gift and have the WOW! factor from the recipient.
My templates can be cut time and time again, making them very affordable. They are a zipped file which is downloaded to your computer, which can either be saved just to your PC or you can also copy it to a CD Rom if required but this is not necessary.
A 3D template is a series of flat shapes, each shape fit together to make an object, for example the Wedding Gazebo.
I have done all the work, i.e. the dimensions of each piece are spot on so that all you have to do is cut, fold, glue and stick. You may have to curve the odd piece to make it more pliable but that’s it.
For my models I tend to use either 160gsm card for the more intricate designs or 220gsm card for everything which needs more structure.
You can print off the PDF templates onto any colour card you choose (except black as this will not show up your cutlines) and you can also use any coloured card with your CraftROBO/Silhouette machines (including black as no print lines are needed).
I do suggest using wet glue, such as strong PVA glue, this gives more stability and strength to your pieces.
You don’t need a large expensive kit to try this form of crafting, all you need to start with are a craft knife or scissors, card, printer & glue, (for the PDF versions)
If you are a beginner, you can print a PDF file and cut the design out yourself with a craft knife
If you have dexterity problems and are unable to cut pieces by hand (some of the designs are very intricate) then you may require a CraftROBO/Silhouette Machine to aid with the cutting process. There are many outlets where you can purchase your machine but the uk manufacturer/distributor is a company called Graphtec, where you will find an immense amount of customer support if needed.


PDF is a file created for the user to save to their computer and print off with their printer at home and to cut the designs out by hand, just like cutting out a picture. So this required a PDF Format template. (Please just be aware that with the more intricate designs, for example the Fairytale Horse & Carriage, you will either have a lot of cutting to do with a craft knife or a design which isn’t see-through if you choose not to cut those areas.)
The newer Die Cutting Machines are the Silhouette which uses Studio software and opens Studio, DXF, Jpegs and GSD formats. If you have a Silhouette machine and you know the software used is Studio then you will need a GSD format template.
The CraftROBO uses Robomaster software and opens GSD, DXF & Jpeg formats. So this also requires a GSD format template.
They are all assembled in the same way and full instructions are included with each 3D template along with my contact details should you need any further help.
If you are a beginner I suggest maybe starting with either The Baby Shoes (to celebrate a newborn) the Baubles (for Christmas), the Set of 3 Gift Bags (from the stationery section) or the Stemmed Drinking Glass (from the Celebratory Section), these require less cutting out making the PDF version extremely easy.

The Machines
For the CraftROBO and the Silhouette Machines you will open your template into the respective operating software on your computer, you click on the ‘Cut’ icon in the software and your ROBO or Silhouette machine will place dash lines for scoring and straight cut lines for the sections that need cutting. 
The CraftROBO and the Silhouette Machines can also draw and write for you. How many of us dislike our handwriting? I do. So to get your machine to write a greeting or saying onto your card is wonderful. You can purchase either a Pen Holder which holds your chosen pen and fits where your blade is housed or you can buy the chunky pens which are put in place where your blade is without the need for a Pen Holder. The use of the pen can make your creations become personalised gifts and a true keepsake to treasure for many years.
The CraftROBO/Silhouette Machines are a wonderful creation and add a different dimension to all of your crafting projects.
I hope that answers any questions you may have.
Anne x